If the month of August sounds like the knell of the end of the summer, the completion of the summer festivities gradually giving space to the autumn tribulations, it sounds especially like the transhumance of the amateurs of visual experiences, and sound distortions to the Berlin Atonal Festival.


Mis en scène 002 - Clubbing séquence by NSDOS

Focus on an "interactive intelligent club experience" - Clubbing Sequence - which was tested at Gaité Lyrique in may 2015 following a brief residency of the artist NSDOS, Mr Maqs Productions, Sixty Circuits and Théoriz Studio, during the three years of the Parisian label ClekClekBoom.


The Estonian Electronic Scene: The Mürk Collective

The Estonian electronic scene is one of the most bubbling of the Baltic. This small country which has just blown its 99 candles of independence has nothing to envy to its european neighbors. From ephemeral clubs to itinerants collectives to more intimate « shoe-free » events, Tallinn – its capital – perfectly illustrates the incredible cultural dynamics of a society totally impregnated with digital cultures (hence its nickname e-Estonia).


Mis en scène 001 – the digital scenography of Peacock Society

If we always talk about Peacock Society's lines-up, we rarely focus on the actors of the digital scenographies that make this festival a multi-sensory experience, rightly called "festival of electronic cultures ( ...) from music to visual arts ".


Mis en scène 000 – Retrospective of Visual Arts in Contemporary Music

Events related to contemporary music are multiplying in France - the festival transgresses the norms and the night is not anymore the only time space reserved for the effervescence of our bodies.
It is necessary - to understand this new dynamic and the origin of this visual culture - to return to the beginnings of contemporary music, this first opus will be devoted to a brief retrospective of the visual arts in electroacoustic music.


[ Report ] Mirage Festival

"Techno-Fiction" is what promised us the fourth edition of the Mirage Festival, and we can say that we have not been disappointed.


Film & music experience 2016 : une édition très attendue

A few days ago the programming of the third edition of the festival F.A.M.E film & music experience was unveiled. At the head of the project were the two curators Benoit Hické, programmer of the Musiquepointdoc cycle, which was held every month at Gaité Lyrique as well as Olivier Forest, promoter of the Filmer la musique festival, the first festival dedicated to musical documentaries. We tell you a little more about this project which is installed at Gaité Lyrique from 10 to 13 March.


We are Europe : le future de la culture

We are Europe is a young - but promising - project that was born just a month ago at the European Winter Forum Lab instigated by Arty Farty (the association behind the Nuits Sonores) at the Gaité Lyrique. We were there.


Les Bains Numériques - plongeon dans la création sonore et visuelle

Direction la petite ville d’Enghien-les-Bains à 15 minutes en train tout juste de Paris, pour un festival alliant art numérique et musiques électroniques : Les Bains Numériques. On vous en dit plus sur ce festival où innovations technologiques, compétition internationale, musique visuelle et créations sonores se côtoient au bord d’un lac, une fois tous les deux ans.


Soundhunters - sound transcription of the world

Zoom on the transmedia project launched by Camera Talk Production and co-produced last year with the Luxembourg production agency a-Bahn specializing in new writing, where webdocumentaries, film, EP and application around electronic music coexist.


Le pas-sage blows his second candle

Pas-Sage is a collective but it is above all a way of communion in the same symbiosis around art and music. Since two years, the members of the crew shake the nights in Paris and over the periphery ; since two years the whole community meets at the occasion of post-dinner special atmosphere ; since two years the Pas-Sage renews the essence of the rave.


BLBC COLLECTIVE – Les Fidèles vernissage

The BLBC collective dissects the essence of the party. Made up of young curators, artists and mediators, BLBC is an innovative collective with hybrid ideas that invests the public space to promote young creation and bring a new vision of the exhibition space, allowed through the multidisciplinary nature of these members - from artistic fields, but also from the humanities.